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    DIANBAI strength Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangdong DIANBAI comprehensive Machinery Factory) was founded in 1970. Located in China's largest petrochemical base: Southern Oil City - Maoming City. Is a member of China Petrochemical Corporation in the secondary market, with Sinopec online trading and manufacturing qualification D1, D2 pressure vessel license qualification.
    My company mainly produces oil refining, chemical, power, ports, rotary kilns, dryers and asphalt refining equipment, specializing in waste rubber refining fuel oil (crude oil) refinery, with over 20 years experience in manufacturing and equipment. We "Developing renewable energy for the benefit of future generations" concept, vigorously protect the earth's resources, the development of renewable energy. "environmentally friendly energy-saving waste rubber recycling equipment" is the national patent product, using the TI-NANO technology processing, is currently the most advanced and environmentally friendly and most energy-efficient equipment, domestic and foreign customers.
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Guangdong Province, Dianbai County Power Petrochemical Equipment Co. Ltd.


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